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The Rotary Club of Gately developed this leadership programme in 2016 that aims to cultivate the integrity of young adults. Rotarians are active members of the business community and actively involved in driving social development projects though their various clubs. We noticed a decline in active and ethical leadership in both spaces and wanted to contribute to developing young future leaders who could meet the challenges facing the province and shape the future. We want to develop leaders who know themselves, can build positive relationships, be active citizens of diverse communities and who are willing to put service above self.

Rotary Club of Gately 
Leadership Team

Carey Kurten

Carey Kurten

Programme Lead

Colin Davies

Colin Davies


Chris Ettmayr

Chris Ettmayr


Mark Currin

Mark Currin


Nitesh Harry

Nitesh Harry


Course Facilitators

Guy Rich

Guy Rich

Greg Webb

Greg Webb

Programme Guide

The programme runs over 8 months, which includes an introduction session followed by seven intense, 1-day contact sessions where the participants are exposed to an experienced facilitator, inspirational guest speakers, and real-world leadership examples and practices. Each session has a specific focus, such as ethics and accountability, diversity, active citizenship, emotional intelligence. During the programme participants have to complete a Portfolio of Evidence and a journal reflecting on their journey, what they have learnt, and how they have put this into practice. This is also linked to a practical evaluation and assessment carried out by their Rotary and Workplace mentors indicating how these young leaders have changed during the course of the programme. Our focus is on impact and behaviour change as opposed to merely giving theory and book-based knowledge.

Development Areas include:

Know Yourself

  • ^Development of active, principle-driven young leaders

Choose Yourself

  • ^Accountability and ethical behaviour
  • ^Managing self
  • ^Intrinsic motivation

Give Yourself

  • ^Leadership in a culturally diverse society
  • ^Leadership in service of others
  • ^Relationship management
  • ^Awareness of, and involvement in, social issues

Rotary Mentors

Each participant is allocated a Mentor which is a key success factor of the programme.  We have a network of very successful and respected business people in East London who volunteer to mentor the delegates. With a focus on leader behavioural change, it is very important to not only rely on the scheduled group contact sessions.  Rotary Mentors are allocated and act as a sounding board for participants to discuss how they are changing over the duration of the program. Having a mentor available to check ideas and discuss certain difficult topics has proven to be a very valuable dimension to this program.

Dr Chris Ettmayr

EL IDZ – Renewable Energy & ICT Sector Manager | President - Border Kei Chamber of Business

I am currently employed by the East London IDZ as a Sector Manager for renewable energy and ICT. I assist investors in setting up their manufacturing presence in the IDZ and look into packaging investment projects and business development for my organisation. I am currently serving as the President of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business and I belong to a few societies and networks which assists me greatly in the work I carry out.

Mark Currin

Standard Bank – Head Buffalo City | Executive Committee - Border Kei Chamber of Business

Mark, who has over 25 years’ experience in the banking sector, manages a team of expertly qualified individuals dealing with Business Banking and Branch Retail banking throughout the Border Kei area. The complexity in the local business environment certainly calls for a deep diverse set of skills.

Loren Smith

Marais & Smith – Partner | CA

Loren is a Founding Partner of Marais & Smith Chartered Accountants which began operating from June 2005. Marais & Smith has three women partners and a team of twenty-five professional staff. We provide quality accounting, tax, auditing, and advisory services to a wide variety of clients.

Robbie Muzzel

Retired Businessman, Politician & Sports Administrator

Started our own company; Romer Packaging in East London in January 1986 which I recently sold to a young friend I mentored over the years so I can enjoy my retirement. My belief has always been about development and passing on life’s experience.

Gordon Thompson

Isringhausen – CEO | Gately Rotary President

44 years Engineering experience being a Technical Manager/Director in Automotive Engineering Companies. Committed to the work, only 7 days sick leave in entire working career. Served on many committees including Past President Border-Kei Chamber, Past Council member SACCI, Past Chairperson PTA/Board member Stirling School, Chairperson Hospice, President Gately Rotary.

Rommy Zaal-Naude

Retired | Counsellor

With an Art Historian qualification from the University of Amsterdam, specialised in Architectural History, work as a consultant in Landmark preservation in North-Holland for over 20 years, my real interest and passion lies in working with people. After personal growth training in the Netherlands and a counselling course with Lifeline, I work as a lay councillor for adults, as well as children in the Parkside township. I enjoy sharing the knowledge and experiences I have in a querying way with the intention to inspire young people to grow by thinking out of the box.

Stephen Keet

Strategist / Semi-Retired

Armed with a Forestry Degree, Stephen played a key role in investing and subsequently disinvesting in a forestry division for Shell South Africa, he served in strategic positions within various Shell divisions over a period of 10 years. After Shell, he worked independently as an economic development consultant focusing on strategic and business planning.

Terry Beckerman

Retired Engineer

Graduated with B. Sc Eng (Civil) degree and qualified as Pr. Eng. (Civil). I was a director of WBH Construction from 1989 until 2009 when I retired. WBHO is now the biggest construction company in South Africa.

Piet Bosch

Foxtec Ikhwezi Director

I have 40 years of experience in various Leadership roles in both Quasi Government and the Private Sector. During this time, I also occupied the position of President of Border Kei Chamber of Business and currently still active as a Director within the Ikhwezi Group. I feel well equipped to share my knowledge and experience with young leaders of the future.

Roger Williams

NFB – Short Term Insurance Consultant

I have 52 years insurance industry experience specialising in the short-term brokering market. I started my own brokerage in 1987 which I later sold and remained the Branch Manager until it was bought by Aon. I joined NFB Insurance Brokers in February 2020. I have been a member of the Rotary for 11 years and was the President of Border Aquatics for over 10 years.

Quinton Wiliams


I started my career as research psychologist where most my work dealt with research on how to improve human performance in the workplace. I then registered as a counselling psychologist and undertook career counselling, and individual performance improvement in sport. I also spent part of my career helping businesses improve their functioning through team buildings, and mentoring.

Carol Taggart

MSC Education Holdings – Chief Operating Officer

Education and upliftment are at the core of my being and I have spent 25 years in education and training at secondary, tertiary and skills development sectors. I love working with young people and sharing life’s experiences.

Cobus Potgieter

MSC Education Holdings – CEO and Founder

I started MSC in 1991 with a belief that hiring people better than me will ensure success. In 2010 I extended the business and opened the MSC Artisan Academy to address the artisan skills shortage in the country. I am an avid reader and I love sharing what I learn from books and my 30 years business experience.

Top 3 rated aspects of the programme

Guest Speakers

Thought provoking discussions

& Practicality

What do our participants have to say?

“My journey was not only about me finding my voice, it widened my thinking and changed how I see things”

“I have been given the tools and guidance to become a great leader now it’s just up to me to set course and navigate my own path”

“I realised I have to start working for my future self today”

“I learnt the leadership of serving others, to always put the people before you. Being a person of your word.”

“As much as this course was about leadership, there were many other aspects of the program that I really enjoyed. I feel positive, I feel that I can make a difference.”

“It has raised awareness in me about the many social issues and the leadership dilemmas that happen in every day society. I am now able to critic things where I believe there are moral issues and commend where I believe the right decision was made.”