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Candi studied Graphic Design 14 years ago after matriculating and has been working in the industry ever since. 

She became a mom in 2016 which changed her life forever. She loves her role as a mother and has formed a passion for the wellbeing of babies and young children. It was during this time she discovered Guardians of Hope: a place of safety for destitute babies, and has started donating regularly to the home out of her love for what the organisation does for babies given up.

During her employment with the Border Kei Chamber of Business in 2018, she was offered an opportunity to take part in the Find Your Voice Leadership Development Programme.

Of this opportunity, Candi said that she enjoyed meeting with like-minded individuals and forging new friendships. The programme helped her increase her confidence as she was forced to take part in group discussions and share her opinions. She realised by being forced out of her comfort zone she achieved real personal growth, which was evident in her final public speaking presentation.

Candi greatly benefitted from the emotional intelligence and resilience sessions: “I have always been an emotional person, which I have struggled to control and has always made me feel weak.  I am an empath, so I sometimes feel like an emotional sponge for other people’s emotions around me. The programme made me understand myself better and gave me coping mechanisms.

The programme is sponsored by the Gately Club of Rotary, so is built on the foundation of service before self. The participants are introduced to the importance of CSI – NPO organisations, which tied in with her love for Guardians Of Hope.

On completing the programme Candi began to appreciate her worth, and realise her potential, the ability to be more than just a graphic designer.

While at the Chamber, she was responsible for overseeing the interns so was introduced to people management, but wanted to source a role where she felt more empowered.

In 2020 she joined Current Consulting as Design Manager, “It has been such a life-changing move for me, the levels of trust in my skills, knowledge, and ability has really made me feel appreciated and empowered.

She was also very fortunate to become fully involved in the marketing of Guardians of Hope, as the owner of Current Consulting is a board member. She says, “This part of my job is so fulfilling as the organisation is so close to my heart.  Not only do I do all the design work for Guardians of Hope, I get to pop in and play with the babies whenever I want.

Our worlds changed when COVID hit, our team all started working from home and we were blessed to be extremely busy during this time as many company’s realised the importance of online marketing such as websites and social media.  There was a lot of pressure to meet our client’s deadlines and home school my child, but our team thrived in the new world of work. We have been fortunate to continue working from home as the level of trust and commitment from the team was proved during the lockdown.

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love, learn every day, mentor colleagues, and be part of such an amazing close-knit team so committed to the community of East London. I am grateful for the start of my growth journey on Find Your Voice and encourage other aspiring leaders to participate!